About the strategic partnership project “Young Animal Advocates” supported by Erasmus+

During 2016 four youth organisations from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland active in the field of youth participation for animal protection, agricultural transparency and sustainable food production combined their expertise to develop and carry out a European project supported by program Erasmus+. The “Young Animal Advocates” project promotes the participation of the youth in public discourse and political decisions and strengthens the capacity for effectiveness and efficiency within the partner organizations by usage of synergy effects with very much alike organisations and an exchange of best practices and a shared infrastructure.

The objective of the project is to develop the skills and competences of youth participating as volunteers in animal protection organizations. This was achieved by organizing networking meetings, creating digital manual "Becoming Active for Animals", developing the NEAR network and it’s web presence and organizing a blended training event “Baltic Animal Rights Gathering 2016” for 44 young animal protection volunteers to gain new skills and knowledge necessary for active participation in the shaping of national policies regarding animal protection and agricultural transparency. Other youth organisations and NGOs throughout Europe are welcome to use the project's results freely under the creative commons licence.


Download the digital manual "Becoming Active for Animals" in one of five languages: